Who We Are

Breath Of Life International Ministries (BOLIM) is a multicultural Spirit-Filled Body of Believers that embraces the Five-Fold ministry and the Hebrew Roots of our Faith in Yeshua Ha’Mashiach (Jesus the Messiah)!

When you become a part of the BOLIM Family, we don’t call you a member, but rather, you become a DISCIPLE.  Yeshua instructs us in Matthew 28:19 to make disciples of all nations! In John 13:35, Yeshua (Jesus) said “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.”  Walking in love in the BOLIM Congregation is a key focus because we understand that Elohim (God) is LOVE!

Our Dedication

We are dedicated to returning to the covenant by observing the Sabbath as well as the other Appointed Times of YAHWEH (THE LORD) – Leviticus 23.  In this last and evil day, there is a mandate on this ministry to connect the Body Of Messiah to the Hebrew roots of our Faith in Yeshua.  One of the ways we will do this is by awakening and enlightening the Body of Messiah to the call of the Sons of Issachar who understood the times to know what Israel ought to do (I Chronicles 12:32). We know that as we align with the calendar of our Heavenly Father (as detailed in the Bible) we will clearly understand the present and future instructions for mobilization and advancement of the Kingdom of Elohim (God)!